Barrier Operator c/w Integral Control Panel

• Electromechanical 24 Vdc right barrier for intensive use. The barrier can be easily converted to left operation
• Optional built-in FTC.S photocells thanks to the innovative hide-away system that allows for their perfect integration
• 2 adjustable mechanical stops
• Optional battery powered operation
• Amperometric sensor obstacle detection system to prevent crushing
• Three adjustable limit switches for the braking phases and the closure position
• Foundation plate accessory with VE.P500 coach screws

Stock Code: VE.500I
Power Supply 230 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor Supply 24 Vdc
Max Absorbed Current 1.6 A
Torque 205Nm
Opening Time 3" - 5"
Operation Cycle Intensive Use
Protection Level IP.44
Operating Temperature -20°C /+50°C
Weight 55.2 kg