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Dock levellers assist with loading by bridging the gap between a docked vehicle and loading bay. This ensures the goods being loaded from the docked vehicle are transferred efficiently and safely. Custom built panels are available to order to suit your exact requirements. We also offer bespoke panel front label designs for quantity orders.

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RS 300K

Dock Leveller Control Panel

Easy-to-operate controls for dock levellers with hinged lip.

• Optional LCD monitor with clear text display
• Integrated main switch
• Integrated fuses for hydraulic motor
• Recognition and control of rotating field
• Phase monitoring
• Integrated cycle counter
• Short circuit proof control voltage
• Connection of traffic lights (inside and outside)
• Connection of wheel chock and vehicle sensor
• Triggering of shelter
• Protection against uncontrolled movements
• Release of leveller function by door control
• Release of door function by leveller control
• Auto return function
• Triggering of 1-valve power units
• 3-button unit for door control (option)

Stock Code: 40-5332
Voltage (V) 400 / 230 3~
Control Voltage (V) 24
Max. Load Control Voltage (mA) 2500
Maximum Load (kW / A)- 2.2 / 6
Connections for Valves (24V-DC) 2/3
Protection Grade (IP) 65
Housing Dimensions (mm) 215×275×190mm

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