MDF 50-75-10 Exd

Explosion Proof Operator

The MDF 50-75-10 slip-on drive from the MDF Exd range are specially designed for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion. The operator is available in 1.5kW power size with 400V Three Phase Explosion Proof motor. This model uses an industrial duty motor and hence provides high starting torque. The operator comes with an ZONE 1 & 2, IIB, T4 Rated Operators (Gas Only).

• I.P. 55 environment protection
• High starting torque - industrial duty explosion proof motor
• Industry standard 50mm hollow bore
• IIC, T4 available on request
• Hand crank operation
• Safety catch system

Stock Code: 21-4950
Power (kW) 1.5
Torque (Nm) 750
Output Speed (rpm) 10
Operating Voltage / Phase 400V 3ph 50Hz
Motor Current (A) 3.8
Protection Rating (IP) 55
Temperature Range (°C) -5 / +40