Above Ground Swing Gate Kit

• 24 Vdc self-locking electromechanical operator for intensive use equipped with strong, articulated and anti-shearing arm
• Suitable for gates installed on large posts
• Tempered steel mechanical features to guarantee sturdiness and solidity
• Equipped with open and close limit switch
• Amperometric sensor obstacle detection system to prevent crushing
• Optional battery powered operation

Stock Code(s): KMB24-KIT
Power Supply 230 VAC (50-60Hz)
Absorbed Current 1.2 A
Absorbed Power 250 W
Pump Delivery 0,75 l/min
Thrust 4200 N
Stroke Legnth 390 mm
Max. Oil Pressure 30 Bar
Degree of Protection IP.55
Operation Cycle Intensive Use
Overload Cut-out 150°C
Operating Temperature -20°C / +50°C
Ram Speed 1 cm/s
Ram Shaft Diameter 20 mm
Door Leaf Width 5,0 m
Door Leaf Weight 500 Kg