The powerful openers for large swing gate systems

Just as strong and stylish as any openers in the 525 series, the only difference lies in its appearance - and that, as we all know, is a matter of taste. Comfort 530 L openers transfer force through a carriage fitted in the housing. In this way, the inner workings are hidden completely out of sight and are also protected from pollutants.

Stock Code(s): 101068 (Single Wing), 101069 (Double Wing)


Wing width (max.) 3,500 mm
Wing height (max.) 2,000 mm
Wing Weight (max.) 350 kg
Gradient (max.) 0 %
e-measurement +100 to +200 mm


Push and pull force (max.) 3,000 N                                
Torque (max.) n/a
Door travel speed (max.) 15 to 20 mm/s
Opening angle (max.) 115°
Opening time (gate-specific) 15 to 25 s
Length of travel 600 mm


Nominal Voltage 230 V
Nominal Frequency 50 Hz
Power Consumption 3.2 A
Power input in
operation (approx.)
0.4 kW
Power input in
stand-by (approx.)
3.2 W
Operation mode
(duty cycle)
S2 – 5 min                
Motor Voltage 24 VDC
Control Voltage 24 VDC
Protection Category
Motor Unit
Protection Category
Control Unit