Light Curtains


• EC type tested by TÜV Nord
• Standard ±5° aperture
• Conforms to testing organisations' safety recommendations
• Can be installed directly in the door opening instead of plane of door movement
• Adjustable mounting clamps, electronic alignment indicator for easy perfect alignment
• Easy to service thanks to status and diagnostic indicators
• Door widths up to 10m are easily implemented
• Direct connection to almost all door controllers
• High rate of variants, including for low door systems
• High degree of protection IP67, fully filled with epoxy resin
• Small housing dimensions of just 16x16mm

Stock Code(s): 33-1037 (1.8M), 33-1038 (2.5m) 

Dimensions (L×W×H) 2100/2800x16x16mm
Suitable Door Width
1800 / 2500mm
Protection Level
1x5m and 1x15m cable / M8 plug
Housing Material
Aluminium with 2k epoxy resin