Digital 645

• 2 fuction buttons for free configuration
• 1 button for switching the holiday mode (hand transmitter rejection)
• Multicoloured signalization via LED
• Connection with conventional cabling for external push buttons for direct switcing of each function button
• For all Marantec opener systems and other's opener systems (in combination with the respective bi linked receiver)
• 1 button for switching the opener lighting (ON/OFF)
• Integrated motion detector for switching the opener lighting (lighting duration), detects moving heat sources until 2.5 distance and in a max. grid of 4x4 m.

Stock Code(s): 101143 (443MHz), 101144 (868MHz)

Focus on comfort and security
Radio technology is used worldwide for many different applications. It makes it easy to operate a wide range of different electrical appliances with the greatest of comfort. At the touch of a button, in fact. Comfort is what all radio systems offer. But it is important to know how much security it offers along with the comfort. This is where big differences come to light.

At Marantec, not only comfort but in particular security are at the forefront of our developments and products. This is why our wireless bi·linked technology works with 128-bit encryption, which is the same key as is used in online banking. At the same time, it also uses a rolling code, which means that it transmits a different code to the opener every time the opening button is pressed, which makes it near impossible for the code to be copied or decoded. This radio technology is known only to our engineers, and we produce all of our bi·linked radio products ourselves in our own factories. This all adds up to one of the most secure and comfortable door openers in the world. Compare the benefits.

Efficient – bi·linked
bi·linked reliably opens and closes your doors at the push of a button. It can also communicate with you. By simple pressing the status button, bi·linked will let you know with its LED indicator whether your door is open or closed – whenever you are out of sight. bi·linked is available as uni-directional and bi-directional version, i.e. with and without communication.

In contrast to Marantec's traditional radio hand transmitters, our bi-directional hand transmitters are equipped with one of the new bi·linked functions, which provides feedback regarding the current position of the door or gate. Two-coloured LED signals indicate the door’s exact position and direction of travel. If your door is out of sight at any time, or you would like to check that everything has been closed up securely in the evening, then simply ask our bi·linked hand transmitter. The hand transmitter has three buttons for controlling various functions, such as operating up to three gates, and one button for requesting gate position feedback. A sun visor clip and a wall holder are also included in the scope of supply. An electronic button lock function can also be activated.

Dimensions (W×H×D) 81×118×35mm (Closed)
81×195×35mm (Open)
Frequency 443MHz / 868MHz
Battery Type AAA 1.5V
Protection Category IP.54
Range of Temperature −20°C to +60°C
Sensor Type Line Scan Sensor
Radio··Technology Bi·linked
Way of Communication Uni-directional