AE0930 & AE0931

Wireless Safety Edge Receiver & Transmitter

Bidirectional radio band 868 MHz for the connection of mechanical or resistive safety edges. Devices in watertight box for the external installation.

Stock Code: AE0930 (Receiver), AE0391 (Transmitter)

Frequency 868.3 MHz
Range of the System in Free
15-20 m
Power Supply of Transmitter 2 batteries AA
Power Supply of Receiver 12 / 24 Vdc
Battery Life 2 years (normal functioning mode)
5 years (power saved mode)
Protection Degree IP.65
Compatible Safety Edges Mechanical and/or 8,2kΩ
Number of Output 2
Number of Safety Edges for
Each Receiver
4 for each Output
Number of Safety Edges for
Each Transmitter
1 for each Transmitter
Working temperature -20° +55°